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released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Winetasting Los Angeles, California

LA based artist.
twitter: @_frowning

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Track Name: Petals
don't lose track you're wasting time
looking for something that you don't wanna find
i don't get why you say you're mine
you're so far away i miss you all the time

i can tell that you're too kind
can you tell me if i really cross the line
i don't care about your time
i only care about whats mine all the time
Track Name: When I Miss You
its been days i can't forget
are you feeling better yet?
'cause in my head i sought the truth
i saw happiness in you.
and when the days come to an end
i keep wondering where you've been
and if you're ever coming home
'cause these nights are cold alone

i try to make up for the time
that i told you all those lies
i took the weight off from my head
and i locked it in your chest
so now we're fumbling in the dark
two lovers with lost hearts
and now I'm waiting for the day when i see you face to face

when i miss you my head aches
when i miss you i can't think
when i miss you my heart breaks
when i miss you
when i miss you do you too?
Track Name: Commitment
I've never been here before
can you show me around
tell me what you're about

you can ignore me again
i can see you next july
we can still be friends

oh darling please can u be
the affectionate thing
that i don't need
oh girl you're playing with me
just make me believe
that you're good for me baby
Track Name: New Wave
you try to figure me out
but its not time now
oh how did i get stuck in this mess
leave me behind now
slow down

i don't want you to
i don't need you to
Track Name: Cold Hands
oh its been such a long time
jump in my arms again and act like its alright
'cause i need you
and i want you too

you're holding my hand while i drive
and i never want you to leave my side
i need you
but i know you
Track Name: Empty
your words are empty
but i feel them in me
they just drift and turn to guilt
getting so sleepy
with an anxious feeling again
staring at the ceiling all night

you make me worry
just for being myself
so ill just lock my head away
life is so empty
stuck with this feeling
so ill just sleep until i don't wake

you won't go home
Track Name: Brown Eyes
i cannot try
i wouldn't lie
your softest sigh
eases my mind

saw you walk away
the last time you looked at me
brown eyes burned so deep
into my memory

i try and try
erase my mind
i keep finding signs
left far behind

saw you walk away
the last time you looked at me
brown eyes burned so deep
into my memory

I'm still lost in your eyes
brighter than star filled skies
oh your sweet brown eyes
its your loveliest disguise
Track Name: Separation
i won't let you waste the time that i don't have
and i won't wait for you to want me like i want you

i tried hard to feel
the thrill is gone
it wasn't real

time after time i hope to find you but I'm blind
the camera in my room keeps reminding me of you

lets hope for more days and nights that we won't share
and lets hope to find a common ground where we won't lie together

i tried hard to feel
the thrill is gone
it wasn't real
Track Name: How's It Gonna End
without you I'm nothing but a bed to them
and you know that its all wrong
its your fault

I'm not sure we're used to these same things anymore
'cause you are walking back and forth
so unsure